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A journey to nostalgia!

Centuries Old Recipe

My grandmother, always loves to treat her house guests with her Pelargonium liqueur. She wanted to see them with a smile on their face, to leave with an expectation to turn back and they always came back.

Her liqueur was lovingly made from Pelargonium, harvested in the morning, with dew on their small leaves to keep them alive. From the garden of our home, here in Kolymvari. She always harvest it with reverence.

When she showed me the recipe, when I saw how much love and care was hiding inside, I wanted everyone to try it. To taste and see what we saw. And so, faithful to grandma’s recipe, we make this liqueur for all our customers here at our restaurant.

A delicate, distinctive taste with the pure notes of roses, bringing childhood memories to mind and heart.


Unique Benefits

  • Helps in hypertension and depression 

  • Stimulates the nerv system.

  • It is soothing for nausea and migraines.

  • It is beneficial for diabetes-lowers cholesterol.

  • It is diuretic-eliminates heartburn from the esophagus. 

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